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The Moon Planet in Vedic Astrology

The Moon Planet

Moon, being the celestial body with closest proximity to the Earth, has a direct impact on individuals and human life. While the Moon provides the basic characteristic and broad features, the Moon has a more intricate impact on individuals. It represents the inner feelings, emotions, behavior and instincts. It governs our inherent selves and the mind. The Moon’s diameter accounts for about 3,475 kilometers. For completing one orbit around the Earth, the Moon takes 27.30 days. It also takes the same amount of days to rotate on its own axis. With a magnified gravitational force in Moon, it tends to have a direct impact on the tides in water bodies in Earth.

According to the Indian Mythology

Legend has it that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the three Gods with supreme powers gave blessings to Atri Rishi’s wife, Anasuya, to have three blessed children. The children born out of the blessings were:

Durvasas rishi- born out of the blessings of Lord Shiva

Dattatreya- born out of the blessings of Lord Vishnu

Moon- born out of the blessings of Lord Brahma

It is said that many powerful Hindu kings like Chandravanshi are direct descendants of the Moon. Nonetheless, the Moon has always enjoyed an undeniably important stature with regard to its relevance in Indian history, in both mythological and astronomical contexts.

The Moon Sign

The celestial placement of the Moon is of immense importance in Indian astrological context. It is the prime determinant factor of the base used for astrological predictions concerning one’s horoscope. When a person enters the Earth, the positioning of the Moon comprises of their Moon Sign. It becomes the ascending sign in the Natal chart and the basis of analysis in the context of Indian astrology.

The Moon sign largely lays down the foundation of one’s feeling and emotions, which is the causing factor of most humane actions and reactions. The moon has different impacts on different zodiacs. It is the deriver of the more intimate personality of the individual, reflecting the real self. Below are the major behavioral characteristic features of all Moon sign in all Zodiacs:

Moon in Aries

They seek recognition for their efforts, though they are featured with unparalleled perseverance. Featured with a good sense of humor, you are at your best with a sense of acknowledgement.

Moon in Taurus

They prefer honesty and want to stay away from any sort of diplomacy or convoluted behavior. They like good things in life. They are featured with an innate sense of wisdom, which actually is their armor.

Moon in Gemini

They have a tendency to think overtly and are over analyzers of everything. They are driven by communication and are curious about everything.


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Moon in Cancer

They like to be a supporting element in the lives of the people they care. They prefer hard work and they are always in a nurturing mode for the people they care. They are emotionally vulnerable and tend to be great mentors in the lives of their loved ones.

Moon in Leo

They are featured with innate energy and passion. They like giving and taking respect. They are funny, warm and passionate beings.

Moon in Virgo

They are anxious because of their gift of innate intuition. They are mostly caught up in their own cobweb of thoughts and vortex of self criticism. They are best, even when it is just average according to them.

Moon in Libra

They prefer in keeping things simple and uncomplicated. They also seek a compatible balance in all fronts of life, even in the kind of partner they desire.

Moon in Scorpio

When the Moon is in transit, the Scorpions get synchronized with their emotions. They get more intuitive and conscious of the thoughts of people surrounding them. Best time to apologize to them as they are likely to be in a forgiving mode.

Moon in Sagittarius

They demand change and volatility in their life, in the form of an adventure. With their strong sense of justice and communication skills, they garner admiration in their general conduct.

Moon in Capricorn

They are featured with rare virtues like patience, determination and willingness. They also tend to have extreme dependency on others and are fantastic leaders.


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Moon in Aquarius

They are secretive, though totally attentive to the feelings and communications by other people. Most of their decisions are based on an intellect that is only visible to them. They can bring about an affirmative change in the life of the other people.

Moon in Pisces

They are sensitive and privy to rare psychiatric powers. They have accuracy in assessments and judgments. They are driven towards arts and are immensely creative.


The Moon shares an absolute proximity with the Earth, maybe that is why it has a deep impact on an individual. In the context of Indian Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered of prime importance. The mere basis of horoscopic analysis is based on the Moon sign of an individual. The placement of the moon at the time of the birth of an individual is considered to be of high importance. It defines your moon sign and the basis of your emotional characteristic and feelings that drive you as an individual.

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