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Sixth House in Vedic Astrology

6th House in Vedic Astrology


The Sixth House pertains to well being of a person. It outlines how well equipped in terms of health someone is. Reflective of one’s stamina, it portrays how well is the native able to go against the wind and combat any sort of misfortune, enemies, etc. This house also states about the employment and style of the native. How you work, under what temperament you work, how people at work feel around you are the general questions that this house tends to answer.

Characteristics of the Sixth House

The Sixth house establishes the ground for obstacle conquering. It reveals the mental or physical stamina that a native has to fight obstacles. The valor to face obstacles, the drive to perform at work, relationship with co workers, stated below are other peculiar characteristics and features of the Sixth house:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Virgo is the Ruling sign of the Sixth House. Mercury is the natural significator of the Sixth house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Sixth house includes stomach, intestines, and digestive tract.


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3. Governing Factors

The Sixth house reflects one’s well being, health, attitude towards serving and service. It defines the physical and mental well being that assists the natives in overcoming the multiple obstacles that one faces in life.

4. Relationships with other planets

Sixth planet has its own set of parameters and outcomes depending upon the degree of other planets and their relationship with ruling planet.

Following is the summary of what these planets reflect, when placed in the Sixth house:

Sun in Sixth House

The natives focus on building themselves up for fighting illness. They are good at taking responsibility and follow a discipline to attain desired results. They are dedicated towards their work with equivalent enthusiasm. Their expectation of work from others is the same like they work themselves.

Moon in Sixth House

There are many career switches and natives feel the lack of connection with their peers and even workplace. Natives are likely to face problems with eyes and stomach. This position can become favorable for the father and children of the said native.

Mars in Sixth House

The natives must be careful of fire as it can bring them physical or material losses. Accidents are also very likely so they need to keep themselves protected. The natives work hard but indulge in arguments and quarrels. Politeness is not their best virtue.

Mercury in Sixth House

This is a rather restless positioning and natives are likely to have high stress levels. They have apprehensions and self doubt that causes anxiety.

They also tend to overwork that also costs them their mental health. Their lack of satisfaction makes them switch many jobs.

Venus in Sixth House

Natives are hard working and very efficient. They are very cooperative at the workplace and are mostly approached by people for their judgment.

They have a sweet tooth. They are likely to have sex related issues.

Saturn in Sixth House

Health concerns occur with this placement and intake of food must be watched over. The natives don’t have a good behavior and are not very popular at work. They have a lot of high expectations from employees and this makes them unpopular. They are quick at learning. They are prone to workplace accidents.


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Jupiter in Sixth House

This is not a good placement as health suffers here and the native witnesses issues with liver and blood. They also have lack of self control. Such natives have a big heart, specially towards those working under them. This nature brings them support from their workers.

Rahu in Sixth House

Such natives acquire privileges by the act of serving others. They are also good in the fields of reconciliation. This position brings sudden monetary gains. Financial matters like loans, contracts, etc. can create gains and losses for them. The downside is lack of good relationship with their employees. Relationship with maternal relatives is also not the best.

Ketu in Sixth House

This placement makes natives very prone to accidents and injuries, issues can also be caused in abdominal areas. This placement also instigates criminal behavior and constant fear of Authority. Challenges are taken over through dedication and hard work.


The Sixth house is rightly known as the Shatru Bhava, a bhava that is reflective of enemies, obstacles and how well can one fight them. One’s stamina to fight any sort of misfortune depends upon your physical health and mental temperament towards fighting obstacle. The house also reflects one’s temperament towards work and work-life.

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