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Capricorn Moon Sign

Ruled by the Planet Saturn, the horoscopic symbol of a Capricorn is a sea goat, depicted through the tail of a fish and hoof of a mountain goat. Rightly so, Capricorn Moon sign can be an award winning, high thinking and long term plan making individual. At the same time, they can deep dive their imaginative forces to something very creative by virtue of being influenced by the element earth.

Capricorn Moon Sign meaning

Capricorn moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one’s horoscope was in Capricorn at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. Capricorn sign in general represent a multi-dimensioned individual for whom tangibility of multiple dimensions is important. Rightly termed as the Boss of all Zodiac signs, Lunar Capricorns know how to attain success while being creative in their approach. They don’t have time and energy to waste in carrying emotional baggage of everyone. You have a Capricorn moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Capricorn in your horoscope.

Likes and Dislikes of a Capricorn Moon Sign

Bearing a moon sign in Capricorn, you would have likeness towards responsibilities, values, success and ambitions.

However, as Capricorn moon signs, you will dislike frankness, emotional displays, illogical banters and dependency.

Characteristic and Traits of Capricorn Moon Sign

By virtue of being an earth sign in its very nature, Capricorn moon sign is concerned with the overall tangibility of various dimensions in life. It is also featured with Cardinality and the need for action.

Following are the key characteristic features and behavioral traits of Capricorn moon sign:


You assume responsibilities too soon in life and like meeting expectations. You have a deep sense of understanding your duties and roles in life, and the impact you tend to have on others. Hence, you know that people have high expectations from you and you like to meet those expectations in the most responsible way.


You can’t open up your heart and feelings immediately to people. You take your time in meeting, being friends with or developing close bonds with others. On the outset, you may appear an introvert or a reserved person to many. You are very self conscious about opening up your emotions and vulnerability in front of others.


You understand the burden behind emotional bonds, the strings attached and the paraphernalia of maintaining relationships. You are not very easy at giving away your heart or developing bonds with people. You are pragmatic and practical towards your approach with people.


Your utter pragmatic and practical approach can somehow be perceived as snobbery and cold hearted behavior by many. While you are just being realistic, it is considered as unavailability for people who might really look up to you.


You understand the depth of traditions, cultures and structures. You also have a great sense of acquired social position and status in the society. While you do not develop bonds too easily, the ones you do, you count on them for persistence. You usually demand the same level of responsible behavior as you tend to project to others. As you are conservative in your approach, you stick to your commitments in an unwavering way.

Definition of Success

Your definition of success is rather a personal accomplishment. Worldly pleasures don’t matter to you that much as personal self improvisation does. You judge your success through the parameters of standards you have set for your own personal development. You have immense integrity for yourself and count your success based on your own definition of self improvisation.


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Self Sufficient

As Capricorn Moon Signs, while the world relies on other people for happiness, you are content and self-sufficient. You only establish bonds based on your rationale and terms and not just for the sake of change, learning or emotional dependency. It is of great value to be content and satisfied with oneself.

Lack of Trust

While you feel too responsible for everything, you just safely presume responsibility because you don’t trust others perfectly. You assume that others would not be as intricately involved in the work as you and this lack of trust again jeopardizes your relationships.

High Ambitions

Capricorn moon signs have high ambitions and don’t let any distractions come in their way to attaining the set high ambitions. In this process of being at a responsible state or major leadership role, you sometimes miss on the small nothings of life.


Capricorn moon signs value tangibility over and above emotions. For you, achievement of goals, winning trophies and living a life full of medals and accolades is more important than indulging in lasting human bonds. They don’t open up easily with people and savor they emotions for moments of pride on accomplishments. For you, prestige and goal achievement is a true judge of your personal success. Ruled by Saturn, it is hard for you to trust others because you deep down lack trust in others. You believe that no one can work with as intricate details as you. You assume more and more responsibility because of your lack of delegating ability. You have high ambitions and you are self sufficient. Your reserved nature is sometimes misconstrued as snobbery, but you do not have time and interest in justifying your stand to others. You are a content individual and there is no zodiac as aim oriented as you. Mostly alone at the top of the ladder, but what is important for you is climbing that ladder. You are a born achiever.

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