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Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology

11th House in Vedic Astrology


The Eleventh House is an auspicious house and values the Labha one tends to determine. Any income, gain or general prosperity that one tends to attain in life, is reflected in this house. It derives abundance and wealth. But, this does not state career or profession, there are many modes of earning wealth and it covers them.

Eleventh house also tends to describe one’s social skills and friendships.

Characteristics of the Eleventh House

The Eleventh house determines the general flair of wealth accumulation that a person tends to have, be it valued in terms of materiality or emotional friendships. Below are the core features of this house that derive the basic characteristic for its Analysis:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Aquarius is the Ruling sign of the Eleventh House. Sun naturally significates the Eleventh house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Eleventh house includes ankles and calf.

3. Governing Factors

This house is rightly the indicator of income and wealth, of fulfillment and abundance. Apart from the career or profession of an individual, it focuses on other means of wealth accumulation.

4. Relationships with other planets

Being a house that derives levels of abundance and fulfillments in one’s life, the eleventh house too is impacted by other planets. Below is summary of impact when below planets are placed in the Eleventh house:

Sun in Eleventh House

The natives have a soft heart and are driven towards cause. Such natives enjoy popularity, and value it more than power. Having a humanitarian inclination, they are extremely friendly and exceptionally good in their social circle.


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Moon in Eleventh House

Natives are driven by the desire of settling in a foreign land. They enjoy rare virtues of richness and honesty. Such natives can also work well in politics and the positioning of moon fully supports this. They find it very easy to adapt to new surroundings.

Mars in Eleventh House

Establishing contacts and connections comes easily for people who have Mars in eleventh house. They need to have a control on their impulsive and reckless behavior as that can harm them in multiple aspects. They have a desire to lead and the capability of being a good leader as well.

Mercury in Eleventh House

Natives have a flair for the fields of research. They want to attain success in terms of social status. To be in good books of the society, they are always nice to people around them. They like thought provoking interactions and are also good in the field of communicating their idea and opinions on others. They can be good spokesperson.

Venus in Eleventh House

The natives are extremely friendly. With a lot of friends, they have a huge social circle. The friends offer monetary help to these natives. They often get too carried away with their friendships and spend a lot of entertainment. They enjoy female company.

Saturn in Eleventh House

Natives take time in indulging in meaningful and honest friendships. They are slightly introverted and some childhood experience actively contributes to such behavior. They assume responsibility, even in a group, which is not always good as they are always burdened.

Jupiter in Eleventh House

The natives establish valuable connections. Meeting new people and developing new efficient contacts becomes easy for such natives. They tend to become good friends. Their social life is active but they have possibilities of over indulgence that can be pejorative for them.

Rahu in Eleventh House


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The natives feel the need of being in a high rank or post, and most of their interactions will have this personal interest involved. They like people from elite backgrounds and try establishing important networks. This position is actually very beneficial to the natives in financial terms. They use illicit methods to get what they want.

Ketu in Eleventh House

Natives enjoy financial stability. Issues are expected regarding health, particularly hearing abilities. The relationship with siblings will not be its best. Reproductive issues are also extremely likely, miscarriages are likely.


This house is also known as the Badhaka house, meaning obstacles. The obstacles can be good or bad. But, the general nature of the house pertains to benefits and ‘Labha’ that one tends to attain. It is also reflective of the social sphere of individuals.

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