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The Mercury Planet in Vedic Astrology

The Planet Mercury

Celestial Configuration of Planet Mercury

Being a planet with the closest proximity to the Sun, Mercury (also known as Buddha graha) tends to have the most uncommon orbit in the Solar system. With a diameter of about 4879 kilometers, it stays close to the Sun and never goes beyond 27 degrees. While all planets revolve around the sun, it takes 88 days for Mercury to revolve around the Sun. It rotates on its Axis within a time frame of 28.65 days. It also moves backwards from the Earth, which is known as the retrogression period. This period lasts for about 20 to 24 days and the frequency is stated after completion of every 4 months.

While Mercury takes roughly a total of 10 months to transit through all zodiacs on the zodiacal belt, Mercury takes around 25 days to transit through one sign.

Mythology behind Planet Mercury

The Hindu mythology considers Mercury as the child of the Moon and Tara (wife of Dev Guru, Brahaspati).

On the contrary, The Greek mythology considers Mercury as the Son of Maia (Atlas’s Daughter) and Jupiter. Further, Mercury is said to have an amicable relationship with Apollo, considering its proximity to the Sun.

The Planet Mercury and Vedic Astrology

The Planet Mercury bears a Neutral gender and signifies speech and expression. The basic drive of this planet is communication and this develops a passion for knowledge, rationale, logic and intellect in its natives. Below are some quick facts about the Planet Mercury in context of Indian Vedic Astrology:

Status of Mercury The Crowned Prince
Temperament Dynamism (Versatile and Volatile)
Ruling Element Earth
Caste Trader (Vaishya in Mythological context)
The House that Strengthens the Most 1st House (First House)
The House that Weakens the Most 7th House (Seventh House)
Lunar Mansions that are Governed by Mercury Ashlesha Nakshatra, Jyestha Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra


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Relationship Status of Planet Mercury with Other Zodiacs and Planets

Ruler of Zodiac Gemini and Virgo
The Most Weak Zodiac for Mercury Sagittarius
Friendly Planets for Mercury The Sun and Venus
Enemy Planets for Mercury Moon and Mars
Nuetral Planets for Mercury Jupiter and Saturn

Influence of Planet Mercury on Health

Governing Body Part of Mercury Bronchial and Respiratory Tube, urinary tract and bladder, metabolism and gastric juices, Intestines, tongue, mouth, hands, and arms, lower part of abdomen, skin, memory and mind, nervous system
Health Problems Influenced by Mercury Respiratory problems like Asthma, psychic issues, sleeplessness, nervous breakdowns, epilepsy, skin problems, impotency, memory or speech issues, vertigo, hearing disabilities, intestinal issues, etc. It tends to affect the governing parts.

Other Major Influences of Planet Mercury

Governing Day of the Week Wednesday
Governing Direction North
Governing Season Autumn
Governing Metal Parad, also known as Quick silver
Governing Color Green (all shades)
Governing Metal Emerald (Panna in Hindi)
Substitute Metal for Red Coral Peridot (Mani stone in Hindi) Green Tourmaline (Turmali ratna in hindi)
Governing Shape Triangle
Governing Numbers All numbers summing up to be ‘5’ (five) like 5, 14, 23, 32 etc.
Governing Flavor Mix of Taste (Variety of Taste)
Governing Professions By virtue of communication and speech being its core element, all professions involving communication, logic, reasoning, knowledge, travelling, etc. have a positive impact. Professions like advertising, PRs, brokers, agents, lecturers, astrologers, journalists, interpreters, secretaries, messengers, salesmen, etc. are going to benefit if your ruling planet is Mercury.

Remedies for Planet Mercury

Well positioned Mercury can have great and positive impact in one’s life. However, adverse effects of unfavorable positioning can also be negated if certain remedial measures are taken into consideration. Certain remedial measures are mentioned below:

1. Recitation of Mantras of Planet Mercury, namely

Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah (Beej Mantra)

Priyam gukaalikashyamam rupenaam prathimam budham soumyam saumya gunopetham tham budham pranamaamyaham (The Mercury Stotra)

Om gaja dhwajaaya vidmahae sukha hastaaya dheemahi tanno buddhe prachodayaat (Gayatri Mantra of Mercury)

2. Philanthropic act of donation of gram, vegetables, green beans or green clothes to Eunuchs or neutral gender

3. Worship Lord Vishnu, the Ruling Deities of Planet Mercury

4. Fasts on Wednesdays and indulge in Ganesh poojan

5. Wear Rudraksh (preferably four faced)


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With strong Mercury, an individual’s intellect, rationality, logics and knowledge is at its prime. Communication, being its core governing virtue, helps in establishing long and trusted relationships. The favorability and non-favorability of Mercury establishes the grounding for its overall impact on a native’s life. However, the malefic effects of Mercury can be negated by following a composed ritual of remedies suggested. Natives with strong Mercury bear great knowledge and intellect; they also have clarity of speech and purpose.

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