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Jupiter House in Vedic Astrology


Jupiter, being the most compassionate planet of all, has equivalent effect on the house it occupies. The prime nature of the house is influenced by such benevolence of Jupiter. It focuses on improvisations, trust and spirituality.

Jupiter in the Houses

The very nature of Jupiter is expansion. So, the prime element of every house increases manifold with Jupiter on it. Below is the impact that Jupiter has on the houses:

Jupiter in First House

If a horoscope has Jupiter in the first house, the natives are large hearted and philanthropic in nature. They bear nice attitude and treat people with respect. However, as the first house has inherent ties with appearance and physical fitness, Jupiter is likely to expand that front. Thus, the natives usually tend to become obese. The natives are confident and self sufficient.

Jupiter in Second House

The natives with Jupiter in their second house are blessed with extreme finances. The financial status is so that despite the odds, they always tend to be better off. They have luck favoring them. They also live a lavish life with their money management skills. They usually have a sweet tooth and also have great value for material possessions in life.

Jupiter in Third House

When Jupiter is in the third house of one’s horoscope, it expands your intuitions. The mental prowess becomes more prominent and efficient. The natives become quicker with their efficiency in problem solving and comprehensions. Indulging in works that require physical movement would help in de-stressing.

Jupiter in Fourth House

The fourth house is all about the comfort one derives at one’s native place. Jupiter further enhances this streak of permanence in the native place. They will be successful in their endeavors and ventures in the native place or birth place. Accumulation of wealth by mode of inheritance is also highly likely. The natives are close to the parents and share a strong bond. Wherever they are, the natives prefer big homes and luxuries.


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Jupiter in Fifth House

The natives who have Jupiter in the fifth house have a loving temperament and connect on accounts of similarity in philosophies of life. There will be profits from speculative investments. The natives are also fond of imparting their knowledge and wisdom to their progeny. They derive pleasure from their family and love to teach. Hence, teaching does become an apt professional pursuit for such natives.

Jupiter in Sixth House

This house is not best suited for Jupiter. Even though it has a benevolent nature, but Jupiter’s benefic nature gets dissolved in this house. The health is not at its best by virtue of issues with liver, blood and lack of self control. The natives are very kind hearted towards other workers. They also tend to garner support of the employees and workers in return.

Jupiter in Seventh House

As this house pertains to partners, the natives tend to benefit from their partners or through marriage. Benefits of many kinds like wealth generation or accumulation, same viewpoint, similar philosophies, support, etc. are rendered with Jupiter in the seventh house. However, to keep the love and cooperation going, the natives need to keep their ego and self pride aside.

Jupiter in Eighth House

If Jupiter rests in the eighth house, the natives are likely to accumulate wealth by virtue of their partner or through parental inheritance. They also tend to benefit with money matters of other people. They are blessed with a good sense of managing wealth and enjoy financial stability. The natives bear extremely good intuitive skills and this makes them intellectually sound.

Jupiter in Ninth House

With Jupiter in the ninth house, the Jupiter is at home. The natives attain rare virtues of spirituality and intellectuality. They also bear the power of influencing others. There is an inclination towards spiritual and religious subjects for such natives. They also have great faith in old traditions and understand their value. They are likely to attain financial benefit routing through foreign places and indulge in foreign travels.


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Jupiter in Tenth House

The tenth house being career oriented gets the necessary expansion in that front. The career, in the field of profession or business, receives the required boost from Jupiter. The temperament of the natives is benevolent. They are dependable and this makes them popular. They are also good in rendering valuable advices to others. They mark their success through how they have developed personally.

Jupiter in Eleventh House

When the Jupiter is in the eleventh house, the natives establish valuable connections. Meeting new people and developing new efficient contacts becomes easy for such natives. They tend to become good friends. Their social life is active but they have possibilities of over indulgence that can be pejorative for them.

Jupiter in Twelfth House

Such natives with Jupiter in twelfth house are compassionate and optimistic. They are able to get out of complex situations with extreme ease and have a flair for humanitarian work. They like serving and are great in careers situated in hospitals or prisons. They meet with success in the second half of their lives.


Jupiter is definitive of what we tend to expand in our lives, our prime areas of focus. Being a benefic planet, it has a luck factor involved as well in the prime area of life. The real effect of Jupiter in your life can be surmised by the House it is present on, and how it bloats the core element of that house. Nonetheless, Jupiter is a subtle planet with expansion skills.

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