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Moon Sign

A lot of nomenclatures are used in astrological terms and not everyone is privy to what they mean. While sun sign is still largely understood and the most bespoke sign, understanding the meaning and importance of a moon sign is often misconstrued. So let's understand all about the moon sign studying multiple aspects of it:

  • What is a Moon Sign?
  • Why is Moon sign important?
  • How is Moon Sign Different from Sun Sign?

Below are in-depth narratives on the above vital questions concerning all about the moon sign:

What is a Moon Sign?

Moon is the closest planet to Earth and its 28 days revolution around Earth is often associated with menstruation cycle. The moon sign defines the positioning of the moon at the time of an individual’s birth. In astrological terms, it is the placement of the moon on your natal or birth chart. As it’s a known fact in terms of Indian Astrology, there are a total of twelve zodiac signs. As these signs keep on moving due to a continuously moving celestial structure, the placement of no two planets in zodiac signs and houses (nakshatras) is the same. Vedic Astrology places tremendous trust and value on the moon sign of an individual, in fact it is more relevant than the sun sign as far as Vedic Astrological analysis is It is associated with the inner feelings of an individual and gives more accurate depiction of one's personality. Hence, moon sign gives a more holistic picture of you as an individual. Where the moon was placed in the celestial circuit at the time of your birth is your moon sign and a true reflection of your being.

Why is Moon Sign important?

In Vedic Astrology, Moon Sign is of immense importance as it tends to represent the mind of an individual. When analyzing the behavioral impact of an individual, the placement of the moon on one’s kundali becomes the guiding basis of such interpretation. An individual's actions and reactions can be well interpreted based on sub placement of the moon.  In Vedic Astrology, what further makes the moon sign more relevant is the fact that natal chart/birth chart of an individual is analyzed with the basis of the moon sign. It gives more individual centric representation of the planets in the houses and gives the necessary insight on the mental stability of the person. 

Moon turns out to be one of the most vital elements in Vedic Astrology Analysis. It is associated with one's feelings and emotions. While Moon mirrors into the mind of a person, sun mirrors the soul of a person. 

The mental state of individual is primarily responsible for the actions and reactions of an individual. It is also imperative as an individual's relationships with other people are also impacted trough analyses of the moon. Following are the major reasons why moon sign is important in Vedic Astrology:

Placement of the Moon

The placement of the moon in your horoscope defines great deal about your nature, behavior, action and reaction. The Moon keeps transcending houses and signs on the nakshatras and your moon sign becomes the sign where the moon was placed at the time of your birth.

Combinations with Certain Planets

While moon in general has an impact on any sign or zodiac it rests in, there are certain combinations of moon with certain planets that determine the state of affairs, the affluence, etc. of an individual. For example:

Moon with Jupiter: The combination of Moon and Jupiter is an affluent combination and a guiding force for prosperity and wealth in life.

Moon in Aquarius: Ruled by planet Saturn, people with such planetary arrangements will be drawn towards philosophy, intellectuality and religion.

Moon has an impact on every sign it transcends to, which somehow reflects on an individual's feelings and emotions. While some combinations make a person emotionally strong, some tend to make one emotionally vulnerable.

Natal Chart Preparation

Moon is considered for immense importance in Vedic Astrology as it is considered as an ascendant for preparation of natal chart. It is the guiding force for horoscope and kundali interpretation.


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Moon's Cycle and Its Impact

According to ancient Indian mythology, the time spent by moon in each Nakshatra is one day while completing its monthly cycle. Every nakshatra has a ruling planet and impacts your feeling and events that occur to you.

How is Moon Sign Different from Sun Sign?

We often get perturbed with existing astrological nomenclatures of the number of signs an individual can possess. If Aries is my sun sign, what is my moon sign? We get so confused by the complicacy that we decide to pass it off as something beyond basic understanding.

Let's simplify them for you for better understanding:

Sun Sign essentially states the positioning of the sun at the time of your birth while moon Sign states the positioning of moon at the time of your birth.

A person can possess any of the 12 sun signs ranging from Aries to Pisces. Every sun sign has a ruler planet that influences the behavioral traits and personality of an individual. It takes the sun 12 months to travel through all stated 12 star signs; therefore the astrological predictions are valid for one whole month. As compared to the sun, the moon moves quicker and is more agile.


Having stated the importance and relevance of moon sign, it will be safe to surmise that it is considered more important than the sun sign, especially in Vedic Astrology. The moon sign is more individual centric and true reflective of the feelings and the state of mind of an individual. It is an apt judge of your emotions, reactions and also your future. It reflects on emotions and how you feel within, which sometimes is not even portrayed on face. With immense importance in Natal Chart and an insight into the deep embedded feelings of an individual, knowing your moon sign would help you attain more clarity on your feelings. You can also develop an understanding on what your strengths really are.

Moon Signs In Vedic Astrology

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