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Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

What is Ascendant?


Analysis of one's horoscope is not just a prima facie prediction of facts. There are multiple impacting apects that need to be considered. There are aspects which are deep rooted to one's conduct and their analysis becomes essential for a clearer and accurate prediction of one's basic conduct. One such aspect of analysis of horoscope in Indian vedic astrology is the study of ascendant.

Ascendant is also known as the rising sign or lagna in indian vedic astrology. It is the sign of zodiac that is ascending towards the Eastern horizon during the birth of of an individual. One needs to know the exact time of birth of the native to evaluate the correct Lagna or rising sign. This is referred to the first house of an individual's horoscope. To clarify this by virtue of an example, if Taurus is rising during the birth time of a native, then Taurus rests on the first house. Thereafter, the ruling planets of the concerned zodiac will become the Lord of the ascending sign.

Why is Ascendant important in a horoscope?

Ascendant is not only important, but the most important house of one's horoscope. In indian astrological terms, it lays the foundation for other houses as it represents he native. Thus, the impact on a native's functional aspects like wealth, progeny, education will be influenced by the accuracy of one's ascendant.

If the ascendant of a person is in a favorable state, the native will attain success in life. Having a strong ascendant or lagna opens doors towards attaining favourable yogas, eg dhan yoga, raj yoga, etc.

Alternatively, a weak ascendant even weakens the impact and favorability of beneficial placements of other houses in forms of yogas

Effect of Ascendant on one's personality

Ascendant or lagna is very much the true reflection on the native's personality, appearance and physique. One's strength, health and physicality is outlined and expressed through the ascendant. A weak ascendant with no balancing favorable planets or yogas generally impacts the length of native's life and related health pejoratively.

Strength of the Ascendant

There are many contributing factors that help in ascertaining the strength of the ascendant. Below are the prime derivers of the ascendant's strength:


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1. The placement of the Lord of the Ascendant

This plays an important role in ascertaining the strength of the Ascendant. If the Lord is placed in first, fourth, seventh and tenth house or fifth and ninth house, they tend to provide good strength to the ascendant. However, if the placement of the lord is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, it would weaken the ascendant.

2. The status of the Lord of the Ascendant (whether it is exalted, debilitated, at its own house, etc.)

If the lord of the ascendant is exalted, placed in own house or placed in another amicable sign, the results derived would be good in an order that would be decreasing. When the placement of the Lord of the ascendant is debilitated or is in an enemy house, then it would cause weakness un the ascendant.

3. How other planets are placed in the ascendant

The placement of other planets also tends to have an impact on the ascendant. Natural benefit planets like Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus placed in the ascendant bring about a favorable impact on the ascendant. However, natural malefic planets like Saturn, Dragon's Head, Dragon's Tail, etc. tend to create a negative impact on the ascendant.

4. Positioning of the sun

The placement of the Sun, or the natural karaka is also important for the ascendant. Sun is the provider of strength and a good placement of the Sun has a positive impact on the ascendant.


Ascendant plays an important role in a native's horoscope. Its importance can be established from the fact that this becomes the basis of difference between twins. For instance, the twins who take birth two minutes apart, then they are likely to have different ascendants by virtue of this very period of transition. The ascendant establishes the ground for astrological analysis and lays down the foundation for other houses. Its an extensive subject, and when read in conjunction with the placement of other factors, it derives the very basis of one's conduct.

Ascendant In Vedic Astrology


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