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Cancer Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Cancer Ascendant

What is Cancer Ascendant?

To understand what Cancer Ascendant is, we must know what an ascendant is. An ascendant or lagna or rising sign is the sign that was rising above the ground on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a native.

You would be Cancer ascendant, if at the time of your birth, the sign Cancer was rising from above the ground, in a way similar to the rising of he sun. Natives that are Cancer ascendants, have Moon as their ruling planet. The inherent features of the Moon have a lasting impact on the core characteristics of the native.

Characteristics of a Cancer ascendant

The characteristics of a Cancer ascendant are impacted by their Ruling planet. Below are the core features and characteristics of a Cancer Ascendant.

Physical appearance

The Cancer Ascendant natives have a round face and bear a fair complexion. They are broad chested and have fairly long hands. They generally have a long face and have a double chin.


The Cancer Ascendants have an inherent interest in the fields of biology, botany or studies pertaining to zoological fields and are good in areas pertaining to those fields. Caring also comes naturally to them so they turn out to be good in house keeping roles, medical services, and hospitality and service industry.


The Cancer Ascendants like to feel secure in their relationships. They value emotional stability and knowing that they are wanted.

Sensitive and Emotional

Cancer Ascendants are immensely emotional and sensitives. They are driven by their feelings. They are creative, but sentimental. They are devoted to their families and emotionally attached to them. Even materialistic things have emotional values for them and they are preservers of memories.


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Very Homely

The Cancer Ascendants have a knack of association with home and family. They care for the people close to them and are too dependent on them for their happiness. They also are good in skills involving cooking and gardening.

Money Matters

The Cancer Ascendants are very decisive when it comes to money matters. They also sometimes become downright cheap at finances and saving. They are driven towards material possessions, but even in that case, they do not over spend. When it comes to money, they act in a prudent and calculative manner.


The Cancer Ascendants depend upon people they can give care to or nurture. So, this makes them highly dependent upon people like their family and friends, to do what they want to do for them. They feel the need to be around their loved ones whom you can constantly care for. They also like to be appreciated and valued for the care they provide.


The Cancer Ascendants mostly succumb to psychological issues that makes them breakdown due to anxiety issues. They in general have a good physical health.


The Cancer Ascendants are driven by routine. They like to have a routine of giving care and nurturing to engage on a daily basis. Hence, the more routine bound you are, the more satisfaction you tend to derive out of your nurture and care you cater to your loved ones.

Love Life

Cancer Ascendants are vey emotional and sentimental. They have a constant urge to satisfy their dependency needs. They are over caring and over emotional, sometimes taking a toll on the comfort level of their partner.


Cancer Ascendants are immensely sensitive and emotional. They generally care for people they love and like serving them. The Cancer ascendant natives like being acknowledged for their efforts in serving others. They do immensely well in the fields of botany, etc. and are naturally driven for roles in hospitality, surgeons, nurses, healthcare, etc. They naturally excel in skills like cooking and gardening. They like to follow a routine that helps them have a structured way of nurturing to their friends and family. They are very cautious with money and investments, and have a prudent way of spending. They also are highly dependent upon their close ones. They suffer from psychological issues because of how over emotional they are in general. They care genuinely for the people they love and go to great lengths to provide them comfort and care. They are naturally caregiving.

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