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What is Mahadasha?


An individual’s lifespan is influenced by many planets, at different points of time in life. The planets are in commotion in the Universe and they influence the life of an individual at multiple times. In Indian Astrological terms, the life of an individual is an average of 120 years (that’s quite ambitious for the current modern lifestyles). While the lifespan is given, each planet is assigned a set number of years when they tend to influence the life of a native. These nine major break downs of lifespan into planetary time-allotment is what Mahadasha is.

What is Mahadasha?

As stated, Mahadasha is a certain stretch of time in the lifespan of an individual that is governed by a certain planet. All planets follow their assigned sequence to contribute to Mahadasha of an individual’s life.

To break it down in a comprehensive way, a native’s life is divisible into Mahadashas of nine planets. The nine planets follow below mentioned


Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury

The point of initiation of Mahadasha is where the Lord of the horoscope is positioned. It is dependent upon the placement of moon at the time of birth of an individual. Therefore, the duration of one’s Mahadasha depends upon the time that they were born. The degree of one’s Nakshatra when one is born is responsible for the certain duration of the very first Mahadasha.

Time Span of Mahadasha

With a stated time period of 120 years of a native’s standard lifespan, below are the planets and their allocated time span:

Time span
7 years
20 years
6 years
10 years
7 years
18 years
16 years
19 years
17 years

Effect of Mahadasha

The impact of a Mahadasha can be favorable or unfavorable. Different Mahadashas have different impact in different aspects of life. The effect depends upon an individual’s planetary placements, the degree of Mahadasha and a holistic reading of the horoscope.

Below is the generalized effect that the below Mahadashas tend to have on the life of a native:

Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu enlightens the natives spiritually and detaches them from materialistic desires. Ketu may bring losses and miserable circumstances in a horoscope driven towards materiality. It is also likely to spiritually incline people.

Venus Mahadasha

This period is mostly featured with riches and fine things in life- entertainment, luxuries and love. It works exceptionally well for people trying to make a career in fine arts.

Sun Mahadasha

Sun rightly puts prominene in careers and people tend to do well in polity and goverance. Sun, like draws planets towards itself, also provides rare magnetism on natives under the Mahadasha period. This period pertains to paternal linkages.

Moon Mahadasha

This period tends to make natives more emotional. It has a direct impact on the emotional well being of a native, the feelings they have in their core selves. It impacts the natives in a more personal and sensitive level.

Mars Mahadasha

Mars being a planet driven by masculinity, it brings sexual prowess into play. It also impacts ones relationship with men like father, brother, etc. It also tends to bring aggression in people and makes one privy to accidents and injuries.

Rahu Mahadasha

This Mahadasha has two paradoxes, it either is very good or very bad impact on a person’s life. Mostly feared upon due to its negative impact in a person’s life, it can also provide one with the highest of accolades if rightly placed.

Jupiter Mahadasha

Since Jupiter is associated with fortune and luck, it fills the relevant period of Mahadasha with the stated components. It eases the attainment of wealth, property of hierarchy. It is generally an easy going period filled with rewards.

Saturn Mahadasha

This period is featured with a lot of hard work and can also be testing at times. As these tend to become trying times, natives tend to attain a lot of strength and persistence during this period. Its placement is important to assess the impact of this Mahadasha.

Mercury Mahadasha

Mercury enhances the intellectual streak in people and the Mahadasha period is peculiarly dominated with intellectuality. Be it learning, writing, communicating, all core elements of Mercury come into play during this period.


While Mahadasha of a planet is for certain stated period, but this does not mean that the native would only be influenced by that planet. Other planetary transitions around the period play an active role in how the results are crafted for the natives. There are various fractions in Mahadasha that cover other transitional movements of other planets and the impact they are likely to have in an individual’s life.

Mahadasha In Vedic Astrology