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Mahadasha of Saturn


Mahadasha of Saturn happens for a period of 19 years. Saturn is considered as one of the most powerful planets in all the nine planets. It is considered to be the most justifiable planet that punishes one harshly for the illicit conducts that one had. It is a planet concerning justice and cannot tolerate injustice. Saturn or Shani is already considered the source of various horoscopic issues like Shani Sadhe Saati, Shani Dosh, etc. Shani Mahadasha is one such period. While Saturn is anyways a malefic planet, the effect of Saturn Mahadasha can be good or bad, depending upon the placement:

Benefic Results of Mahadasha of Saturn

Saturn tends to offer justice, good or bad to the natives. While the house in which Saturn is placed becomes the prime focus, there is a focus on spirituality, the core if Saturn’s influence.

Below are the positive effects that the Saturn Mahadasha is likely to bring to a native’s life, if rightly placed:

1) Extreme Success

Saturn Mahadasha can provide exponential success to the natives with a good placement. It can ensure that you reach heights with effortless ease. It can actually be a kingly makeover.

2) Social Standing

During the Mahadasha of Saturn with Saturn well placed, the natives tend to attain a good social standing and garner unimaginable fame. Money and wealth follows a great social status.

3) Combating enemies

Saturn Mahadasha also enhances a native’s ability to combat enemies and foes, if any, are effortlessly demolished.

4) Happy Married Life

Saturn Mahadasha also ensures a beautiful spouse and a very happy married life. It also ensures longevity and happiness.

Malefic Results of Mahadaha of Saturn

In the circumstance where the Saturn is debilitated or is unfavorably placed in unfavorable house or is affected by malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, etc., the Mahadasha of Saturn will have a pejorative impact during its period. It is likely to have the below mentioned malefic impact:

1) Deceits and Frauds

Saturn Mahadasha can cause frauds and deceits to the natives.

2) Loss of property

Saturn Mahadasha can also bring about loss of movable and immovable property. The loss can be to an extent so as to induce homelessness in the native. It also makes one prone to robbery and theft pertaining to properties.

3) Legal and Financial Issues

The Mahadasha of Saturn can also create legal hassles and complicate one’s life by indulging one in enmity, financial crunches, dishonesty, etc.

4) Health Issues

If Mahadasha of Saturn is so ill placed, the native’s health is also impacted during this time. It brings out mental depression in natives and causes serious illness.

5) Failure in Profession

Saturn Mahadasha can cause issues in one’s career or profession by creating multiple failures. One can be succumbed to unwanted travel and unrequired expenses during this phase.

Remedies for Saturn Mahadasha

The impact of Mahadasha of Saturn can be lessened by exercising a few remedies to lessen its negative impact. Below are some remedies for Saturn Mahadasha:

- The native must worship Lord Hanuman, Shiva, Peepal tree, Lord Brahma

- 23000 times japs of Saturn Beeja Mantra with a Rudraksha mala within a time span of 40 days, as stated below:

- ऊं प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनये नम:

- Donation of leather items like slippers, sandals, shoes, foot wears or black til (sesame seeds) on Saturday to the under privileged.

- Fasting on Saturday with absolutely cutting down on salt intake on fast day

- Indulge in cleaning your surroundings,clean toilets or bathroom ,wash basin yourself on Saturday

- Wear a Original High Quality Blue Sapphire or Nili Gemstone (guidance of astrologer suggested before buying one)


Hence, Saturn being a malefic planet is driven towards negatively impacting the natives. However, a well placed Saturn can bring about an exponential success in the life of a native. One can attain immense success, wealth and prosperity as well. The remedies are suggested to lessen the bad effects. Saturn is a planet concerned with justice and it does ensure you either have it all or nothing. A lot of factors do have an impact on the result of the mahadasha. The Antardasha, the degree, the placements, all have an impact on what sort of change the Saturn Mahadasha is about to bring to your life.

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