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Mahadasha of Mercury


Mercury as a planet is an indicator of intelligence, mental prowess, acumen, knowledge, research know-how, etc. During the Mahadasha of Mercury, the natives tend to excel in the fields that require usage of intelligence. The period of Mahadasha lasts for 17 years and this period is featured with an increased mental prowess in the natives. However, the placements of other planets, the degree and antar dashas also have relevant impact on the Mahadasha of Mercury. Below are the benefic or malefic impacts that natives tend to attain during the Mahadasha period:

Benefic Results of Mahadasha of Mercury

Mercury tends to bestow the natives with Mental Prowess. While the house in which Mercury is placed becomes the prime focus, there is a focus on intelligence and mental abilities, the core if Mercury’s influence.

Below are the positive effects that the Mercury Mahadasha is likely to bring to a native’s life, if rightly placed:

1) Two Businesses

Mercury Mahadasha can provide natives with the tendency to engage and flourish in two businesses. Engagement in two businesses is one very benefic outcome of Mercury Mahadasha. This creates opportunities of two sources of income.

2) Opportunities in Particular fields

When the Mercury is well placed, natives are often provided with opportunities pertaining to business or career. The stated opportune fields are mostly computer sciences, electronic media, engineering, marketing, sales, mathematics, advertising, radio.

3) Success in stated Fields

Mercury Mahadasha tends to offer success to natives in the abovementioned fields. Should the native focus on any of the above channels, Mercury will bestow with relevant knowledge and acumen to attain success.

Malefic Results of Mahadaha of Mercury

In the circumstance where the Mercury is debilitated or is unfavorably placed in unfavorable house or is affected by malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, etc., the Mahadasha of Mercury will have a pejorative impact during its period. It is likely to have the below mentioned malefic impact:

1) Unfavorable results

Mercury Mahadasha can lessen the benefits one tends to attain from the hard work. If the actions are not supported by relevant outcomes, it causes a sense of frustration.

2) Negative Afflictions

Mercury Mahadasha has the ability to create a lot of unnecessary turmoil in a native’s life if it is afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars.

3) Loss of Wealth

The Mahadasha of Mercury also tends to create losses in wealth and monetary terms. Attainment of success will become highly unlikely in monetary aspects of one’s life.

4) Health Issues

Mahadasha of Mercury can cause problems pertaining to skin and speech.

5) Career issues

Mercury Mahadasha can cause hindrances in one’s career pursuits. There will be failures, lack of concentration and not performing as per one’s ability.

Remedies for Mercury Mahadasha

The impact of Mahadasha of Mercury can be lessened by exercising a few remedies to lessen its negative impact. Below are some remedies for Mercury Mahadasha:

- The native must worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna and Lord Rama

- 17000 times japs of Budha Beeja Mantra with a mala within a time span of 40 days, as stated below:

- ऊँ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं स: बुधाय नम:

- Respect the uncles on your mother’s side and try to serve them

- Donate full Moong Dal, Green Vegetables and Green clothes on Wednesdays

- Fasting on Wednesdays with absolutely cutting down on salt intake on fast day

- Perform the Pooja for Lord Vishnu, specially on auspicious days

- Wear an Emerald or Tourmaline Gemstone (guidance of astrologer suggested before buying one)


Mercury is planets that signifies intelligence and knowledge. The period ranging to 17 years is a period full of strong abilities to gain control of knowledge, intelligence, particular fields and opportunities. If one tends to pursue success in stated fields, success is granted. It is also a very good period for students. All the benefits and success arise when mercury is placed well in one’s horoscope. If not, it creates hassles and hurdles in many aspects of one’s life- the career suffers, health issues pertaining to skin and linguistic issues are likely and success becomes a far cry. The above remedies can be exercised to strengthen the hold of an otherwise great planet, Mercury.

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