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Mahadasha of Moon


Experiencing the Mahadasha of Moon is a given in the lifetime of a native, sooner or later. This stretch of the Moon Mahadasha lasts for a period of ten years. Moon is a planet that ascertains our true and core feelings, how we see ourselves. Moon acts like a mirror to our true selves, devoid of any masquerades. Like all Mahadashas, the Moon Mahadasha as well can have benefic or malefic impact in a native’s life. Let’s analyze the positive or negative impact that Mahadasha of Moon is likely to bring, based on multiple determinant factors.

Benefic Results of Mahadasha of Moon

Moon is in general a very beneficial planet. It impacts one’s inner self, feelings and emotions. It also drives people towards intellectuality.

Below are the positive effects that the Moon Mahadasha is likely to bring to a native’s life, if rightly placed:

1) Power placements for Moon Mahadasha

Moon is said to be exalted at the signs Taurus and Cancer and these turn out to be power placements for the planet. Placement in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces is also considered favorable for the Moon Mahadasha.

2) Material success

During the Mahadasha of Moon with Moon well placed, the natives tend to attain material success and attain riches in their lives. Acquisition of wealth, jewelry and land are also very likely during this period.

3) Spirituality

Moon Mahadasha also enhances a native’s spiritual endeavors. Natives will see automatic drive towards spirituality, mantras, vedas and faith in gurus. This period is also featured with happiness.

4) Progeny

During the Moon Mahadasha, birth of a girl child is highly likely.

Malefic Results of Mahadaha of Moon

In the circumstance where the Moon is debilitated or is unfavorably placed in unfavorable house or is affected by malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, etc., the Mahadasha of Moon will have a pejorative impact during its period. It is likely to have the below mentioned malefic impact:

1) Losing Acquisitions

A badly placed Moon during the Moon Mahadasha is likely to bring a decrease in wealth, clothings, jewelry, etc.

2) Problems

Moon Mahadasha can bring issues and problems in multiple important aspects of life. The career and personal lives are pejoratively impacted during the Moon Mahadasha.

3) Arguments and Mental Issues

The Mahadasha of Moon also makes the natives very argumentative and irritable. It impacts the mental health of the natives. They feel sad, perturbed and emotionally vulnerable.

4) Health Issues

The native’s health is also impacted during this time, if Mahadasha of Moon is so ill placed. It brings venereal and urinary ailments. Also physical issues like cough and gastric issues also occur more often.

Remedies for Moon Mahadasha

The impact of Mahadasha of Moon can be lessened by exercising a few remedies to lessen its negative impact. Below are some remedies for Moon Mahadasha:

- Worship Goddess Gouri (Parvathi), Durga or Goddess Kaali and Lord Krishna

- Do not accept gifts of silver from anyone

- 10000 times japs of Moon Beeja Mantra within a time span of 40 days, as stated below:

ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चन्द्राय नमः

- Donation of silver (even a small silver thread would do) once a year

- Donation of milk and refrain from drinking milk at night. Do not drink milk on Monday

- Keep small plants in the North side of your home

- Wear white color clothes

- Wear a pearl or moonstone gemstone (guidance of astrologer suggested before buying one)


Mahadasha of Moon can make you immensely happy or extremely perturbed, depending upon its placement. Moon has a benefic nature and bestows a lot of riches, wealth and emotional stability in people. This period is also very likely to bring luck and birth of a girl child. On the other hand, an ill placed moon during Moon Mahadasha is likely to impact all those factors in a pejorative manner impacting one’s mental and physical health, relationship with close ones and wealth. However, the above suggested remedies would definitely lessen the impact of a weak moon and drive the native towards better physical and mental health.

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