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Mahadasha of Rahu


Experiencing the Mahadasha of Rahu is a given in the lifetime of a native, sooner or later. This stretch of the Rahu Mahadasha lasts for a period of eighteen years. Rahu is a planet that is considered malefic and evil by its very nature, its Mahadasha is also featured with similar results. As Rahu does not have a house in particular, it reflects the house it is placed on during the Mahadasha. Like all Mahadashas, the Rahu Mahadasha as well can have benefic or malefic impact in a native’s life. Let’s analyze the positive or negative impact that Mahadasha of Rahu is likely to bring, based on multiple determinant factors.

Benefic Results of Mahadasha of Rahu

Rahu being a malefic planet by its very nature, makes natives seek short cuts for success mostly through dishonesty. While the house in which Rahu is placed becomes the prime focus, there is a focus on spirituality, the core if Rahu’s influence.

Below are the positive effects that the Rahu Mahadasha is likely to bring to a native’s life, if rightly placed:

1) Good for Taurus and Gemini

Rahu is said to be exalted at the signs Taurus and Gemini. So, beneficial results are expected at these signs. It brings wealth, enhanced knowledge, social standing, sudden gains and achievements for the natives.

2) Optimism

During the Mahadasha of Rahu with Rahu well placed, the natives become very optimistic and commanding.

They develop the tendencies of seeing the positive side of things and events.

3) Career Achievements

Rahu Mahadasha also enhances a native’s career to great leaps and bounds. The career achievement is also featured with overseas travel.

Malefic Results of Mahadaha of Rahu

In the circumstance where the Rahu is debilitated or is unfavorably placed in unfavorable house or is affected by malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, etc., the Mahadasha of Rahu will have a pejorative impact during its period. It is likely to have the below mentioned malefic impact:

1) Bad Yogas and Dosha

Rahu, when placed with Saturn in any house, creates the Shrapit Yoga. This yoga can bring unfavorable results to a native’s life. When Rahu is placed with Sun in any planet, it creates a Graham Dosha. When placed with Mars in any house during the Mahadasha, an Angarak yoga is created which is also unfavorable in many aspects.

2) Problems

Rahu Mahadasha can bring issues and problems in multiple important aspects of life. The career and personal lives are pejoratively impacted during the Rahu Mahadasha.

3) Legal and Financial Issues

The Mahadasha of Rahu also tends to create a lot of legal issues in the lives of the natives. Enemies with political and influential backing also develop during this time. Facing debts and financial constraints also happen during this period.

4) Health Issues

The native’s health is also impacted during this time, if Mahadasha of Rahu is so ill placed. It brings out mental depression in natives and feelings like anxiety, panic attacks are also very common.

Remedies for Rahu Mahadasha

The impact of Mahadasha of Rahu can be lessened by exercising a few remedies to lessen its negative impact. Below are some remedies for Rahu Mahadasha:

- The native must worship Lord Shiva or Lord Bhairava. Recitals of Kalabhairav asthakam, Durga Saptasati, Rahu stotram are very helpful.

- 18000 times japs of Rahu Beeja Mantra within a time span of 40 days, as stated below:

- ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं स: राहवे नम:

- Donation of udad dal, black chana dal, coconut or black clothes on Saturday and Wednesday

- Fasting on Saturday with absolutely cutting down on salt intake on fast day

- Be kind to your inferiors or lower caste people

- Keep all electronic items in a functional state at home

- Wear dark blue color clothes

- Wear a Gomedh gemstone (guidance of astrologer suggested before buying one)


Hence, a Mahadasha of Rahu can bring positive or negative results, based on affecting factors. A good placement can ensure multiple accolades, positivity, and better linkages and social status. It also enhances one’s career and is particularly good for Taurus and Gemini. However, a negative impact can affect the mental health, cause problems in career and family and cause financial loss, create enemies, etc. The negative impact can be lessened by chanting of Rahu Mantra, wearing dark blue color clothes, keeping a peacock feather at home and feeding dogs. It can have a lot of impact on a native’s life.

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