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Sade Sati for Aries Moon Sign


Sade Sati initiates when Saturn enters the 12th sign from the native’s Moon sign. It comes to a culmination when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the native’s Moon sign. One single revolution of Saturn around all zodiacs takes around 30 years. Within these 30 years, Saturn stays in each zodiac for two and a half years. Here we will talk about the impact of Sadi Sati of Aries on the natives.

Saturn stands for justice and karmic results for a native’s deeds. Aries is a fire driven sign that is ruled by Mars. Mars stands for fire representing impulse and action. Mars represents youthfulness while Saturn denotes old age. Hence, Mars and Saturn tend to have a relationship like a parent (Saturn) intending to tame a notorious child (Mars). And, kids do not like taming. Therefore, it is safe to surmise that Mars and Saturn are enemy planets.

This enemity of Mars and Saturn impacts the natives at the time of Sade Sati in Aries. It would create an uncalled for friction in the native’s life. Mars debilitates Saturn. As Saturn is wind borne, it further magnifies and fumes Mars’ fire. As the Sade Sati stays in Aries for 2 ½ years, the period of Sade Sati’s impact on Aries can be divided into phases:

First Phase

The first stretch of 2 ½ years can cause suffering on account of ill health for the native. This phase begins when Saturn makes a move into the twelfth house from one’s Moon sign, i.e when it comes under the Pisces sign. This initial phase can create physical issues and physical and mental distress. There could be a lot of travelling for the natives. The travelling can create exhaustion and ill health.

Second Phase

This second phase initiates when Saturn transits through the sign of Aries. This period is featured by a lot of anxiety and mental distress. There is also a lot of tension and short temperedness. Natives tend to react in an impulse way for no rhyme or reason.

As anger is a prime issue for many problems, there are problems pertaining to marriages and other relationships. Inflow of income is also impacted during this time. The partnerships entered into during this period will also not be very favorable (as anger creates more barriers than necessary). There can be humiliation, lack of money, relationships and even mental trauma because of all of this.

This phase is primarily the phase where the friction between Saturn and Mars comes to highlight. The first and the third phases are the before and after effects of the expected transit. Saturn’s wind will blow the fire and create more turmoil than what can be curtailed. There could be an outcome of aggression, which may leave the natives humiliated or even at great loss.

Third Phase

The third phase begins when Saturn transits through the Taurus sign. Venus is the Lord of Taurus. Venus and Saturn share an amicable relationship. This calms the natives down from all the aggression they had been prone to in the past few years. There is hard work, realization and calmness. However, mental distress is still likely during this period, but the extent is much lesser than the prior two phases. There could be mismanagement of funds and a dire need of taking control of one’s finances. However, there could also be sudden gains. You might get closer to your family.


The relationship of the Lord of the sign plays a vital role in analyzing the impact of the Sadi Sati on that sign. As far as Aries is concerned, there will be a friction and clash when enemy planets Mars and Saturn rub shoulders with each other. This will be the time when activity clashes with inactivity, when youth clashes with old age, when fire clashes with wind. It could be a tough and hot headed 2 and a half year of a native’s life, but it can’t be considered in solace. There will be a pre and post effect of the Sade Sati in Aries too. The pre period comes when Saturn transits through Pisces where the effects start to show like physical exhaustion and distress. The post period comes when Saturn transits through Taurus and the hot headedness fades away and calming down starts. So this brings one to a total of 7 ½ year of Saturn’s impact on Aries with second phase denominating the pressure.

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