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What is Sade Sati?


Sade Sadi is not something that has good tone attached to it. But, what is it really?

Saturn is considered to be the Lord and the judge of one’s Karma. The karmas of your past life transform into manifestation during Sade Sati. Sade Sati, in other words meand seven and a half. This term in itself is self reflection of a period of seven and a half years of a person’s life. This period of 7 ½ years pertain to the period of Saturn.

What is Sade Sati?

Sade Sati is Saturn’s transit period, which actually is for 7 ½ years. Saturn enters each sign for 2 and a half years. The Sade Sati of Saturn aka Shani starts from when Saturn makes an entry into the twelfth house from the natal moon. This period ends when Saturn leaves the second planet from the natal moon.

Consequences of Sade Sati

The impact of a Sade Sati is feared by people, far and wide. However, not all effects are bad. Yes, Saturn is infact a planet that makes people face to dace with realities and reinstates the checks on one’s Karmas. Saturn and Moon are highly incompatible and they do bring about an uncalled for cacophony in the native’s life.

There are other deciding factors that impact the life of a native by virtue of Sade Sati of Shani. The sign in which the Moon is, the relationship of Saturn with the Lord of that sign, the degree of the Lord, are some of the many deciding factors that corroborate for Saturn’s impact during the Sade Sati.

1) Loss of Wealth

Sade Sati can make you loose what you already have. There could be mismanagement of funds, wrong decisions and speculations that you indulge in, resulting in loss of your wealth.

2) Court Cases and Litigations

Enemies can be created during the period of Sade Sati. Further, there could be litigations and court cases. The result might not even turn in your favor.

3) Mental Distress

When nothing seems to be going right, mental distress is but expected. Sade Sati can create serious issues with how you think, what you think and how you react. It can also cause embarrassment and humiliation that can scar your memories. Natives

4) Marital issues

As natives tend to develop hot headedness during the sade sati, the marital harmony is impacted pejoratively. There could be misunderstanding, lack of trust and lack of love in your relationship.

5) Hurdles in Work

There could be sudden, unannounced and unforeseen hurdles in your work that could neither be anticipated not prepared for. The natives might tend to feel that nothing is going smooth. Ensuring a smooth completion of task would become extremely unlikely. Thus, further getting the native a lot of things to worry about.


Sade Sati is the time when your reformation and transformation could impact your life. For instance, when someone gets admitted in a semester in a college degree course, its known and expected that an exam will be held and that he/she will be rated after 6 months.

You are faced with two choices after this. Option one is when you enjoy with your friends for 5 months and then wake up and worry about syllabus, exam and test score. That is like getting suddenly hit with Saadesati.

Another way to deal with this is to live a disciplined life, study regularly and pass the exam in flying colors. In this case, Saadesati brings name, fame and freedom from worries.

The worst result would be when someone does not even during exam period. He/she thinks that cheating in exams is a way out.

He/she ends up getting caught and banned by university for taking any exam in future. That is worst form of Sade sati.

As mentioned earlier, reformation and transformation are the keys for Sade Sati. Saturn will provide justice to you. If you think of short cuts or don’t take it seriously, it can take all you have. However, if you do continue to work hard with discipline and diligence, Saturn would also ensure that success comes your way and you get the fruitful results of your hard work.

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