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Sade Sati of Gemini Moon Sign


Sade Sati initiates when Saturn enters the 12th sign from the native’s Moon sign. It comes to a culmination when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the native’s Moon sign. One single revolution of Saturn around all zodiacs takes around 30 years. Within these 30 years, Saturn stays in each zodiac for two and a half years. Here we will talk about the impact of Sadi Sati of Gemini on the natives.

Mercury is the Lord of Gemini. Mercury and Saturn share an amicable relationship. Both Mercury and Saturn are wind borne. As air happens to be a common denominator, during the Sade Sati, natives tend to over exaggerate their achievements and become too vocal about it. However, Mercury will try to invigorate a sense of sensibility within natives allowing them to think rationally.

The amicable relationship between Mercury and Saturn impacts the natives at the time of Sade Sati in Gemini. As compared to Saturn entering other signs, the impact on Gemini is mixed.

As the Sade Sati stays in Gemini for 2 ½ years, the period of Sade Sati’s impact on Gemini can be divided into phases:

First Phase

The first stretch of 2 ½ years begins when Saturn is in the twelfth house from the sign under question, Gemini. Taurus happens to be that sign. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus and Saturn share a good relationship. Therefore, during this period, the natives feel rather calm and at peace. The natives would be driven towards a luxurious life and would be drawn towards a fine lifestyle. Natives would also be friven towards women. The natives with Taurus moon sign would prefer straight forward answers during this period rather than beating around the bush. They would also be a little direct and unapologetic, hurting a few sentiments in the process.

Second Phase

This second phase initiates when Saturn transits through the sign of Gemini. As mentioned that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, Mercury and Saturn share a good relationship. As Mercury stands for intellect and intelligence, during this period the natives can win over debates and make right decision by virtue of their knowledge and acumen. They would be logical and calculative. They would feel that their knowledge and intellect is getting empowered. This is actually the case because Saturn will empower the basic features of Mercury. However, with more knowledge, comes more responsibility? So, while this period would be good for the matters of mind, it an also cause an increased work load, thereby leading to some unrest.

Third Phase

The third phase begins when Saturn transits through the Cancer sign. Moon is the Lord of Cancer. Moon and Saturn do not share a good relationship. In fact, the relationship is so malefic that both planets turn to bring out a ‘visha (poison) dosha’ in the natives. There is less control of finances during this period. Often featured by wrong management of money, this period can also result in extreme losses and family tensions. Addictions to vices are also a very common outcome during this period. The natives fail to communicate sufficiently and appropriately. This causes a lot of tension in their married life.


The relationship of the Lord of the sign plays a vital role in analyzing the impact of the Sadi Sati on that sign. As far as Gemini is concerned, the effect of Sade sati on Gemini Moon sign can be summarized in

three phases. The first and second phases are easy going and even good for the natives because of Saturn’s relationship with Venus and Mercury respectively. The second phase is the core phase when Saturn enters the sign under question, Gemini. This period is knowledge wise invigorating for the natives. The native learn better and take good decisions. They also tend to get curious and learn newer things in life. It actually becomes the time when they could put their intellect to right use. The third phase with Saturn entering Cancer sign, ruled by Moon is troublesome. Starting on a good note, ending with negative results is harsh. All is well that ends well. In the case of Gemini Moon sign, that’s not the case.

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