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Sade Sati for Leo Moon Sign


Sade Sati initiates when Saturn enters the 12th sign from the native’s Moon sign. It comes to a culmination when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the native’s Moon sign. One single revolution of Saturn around all zodiacs takes around 30 years. Within these 30 years, Saturn stays in each zodiac for two and a half years. Here we will talk about the impact of Sadi Sati of Leo on the natives.

Sun is the Lord of Leo. Sun and Saturn, though considered as Father and Son in Indian mythology, do not share a good relationship. Saturn is like Sun’s rebellious child. During this period of Sade Sati in Leo Moon sign, the natives are immensely prone towards cheating and backstabbing. The enemies also get empowered during this period. When concerning financial matters, the natives must not trust anyone.

The Sade Sati in Leo sign also affects the native’s relationship with his/her father. There will be arguments, disagreements and disconnections. Many of native’s other relationships will also be affected because of this. However, there are phases in which the Sade Sati of Leo Moon sign unfurls. Let us read through the three stated phases below:

First Phase

The first stretch of 2 ½ years begins when Saturn is in the twelfth house from the sign under question, Leo. Cancer happens to be that sign. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Moon and Saturn are sworn enemies and hence issues will crop up. There will be a lot of expenditure of unfruitful nature. The travels that one might indulge in during this period would also not give good results. The native’s relationship with their mother and maternal relatives would also be hampered. The native will have to face a lot of conflicts, financial and mental distress during this phase. As everything would seem to be going wrong, natives would feel depressed during this period.

Second Phase

This second phase initiates when Saturn transits through the sign of Leo. As Leo is ruled by the Sun (a fatherly figure for Saturn), there will be a lot of rebellious unrest. Conflicts with father and subsequently with the family will arise. The married life would not be smooth and conflicts are likely to arise. There will be lack of support from your children as well. You will be hot headed and stubborn, much to the annoyance of others. You might seem dominating to others and your temperament will be too hard to control. On the brighter side of this transit, you will feel inclination towards creative reading and writing. You will also be drawn towards leading a more spiritual life. Some long lost investment is likely to provide you with gains. There cold be some heart or stomach related health problem.

Third Phase

The third phase begins when Saturn transits through the Virgo sign. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and hence bestows the natives with empowered philosophical prowess. As both Mercury and Saturn are air borne planets, they tend to magnify the communication skills of the natives. Around this stretch of 2 and half years, the natives would feel more justice prone, more debate centric and will bring end to prolonging issues. You will also have a free hand in expenditure, so management of finances is important around this period. The natives would feel confident, curious and would be able to process a lot of new information with extreme ease.


Leo is ruled by Sun. Sun and Saturn doesn’t share a very good relationship with each other, despite assuming a father-son relationship respectively. When it comes to the period of Sade Sati under Leo sign, there will be some expected turbulence. The phase 1 of this period begins when Saturn transits through Cancer. This stretch of time hampers a natives maternal understanding and relationship. The second phase happens to be the core phase in which Saturn transits through Leo, ruled by Sun. This period makes the natives very hot headed while also making them a little spiritual. Concentration and health issues are likely to be faced by the natives. The third phase is a little better as Saturn transits through Virgo, ruled by Mercury. The natives would feel empowered in their communication skills and intelligence around this time.

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