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Sade Sati of Capricorn Moon Sign


Sade Sati initiates when Saturn enters the 12th sign from the native’s Moon sign. It comes to a culmination when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the native’s Moon sign. One single revolution of Saturn around all zodiacs takes around 30 years. Within these 30 years, Saturn stays in each zodiac for two and a half years. Let us have a look at the impact of Sadi Sati of Capricorn on the natives.

Saturn itself is the Lord of Capricorn. Therefore, by virtue of being in its own sign, the malefic tendency of Saturn is minimalized. The natives do not undergo a lot of harm. However, the Sade Sati under Capricorn makes the natives feel very sentimental and vulnerable towards their own emotions. They get too impulsive in their behavior and reaction. They become too involved in assisting others. Sometimes, they are so keen on helping others, they do wrong to their own selves. The philanthropic flair around this period is so much that the natives ignore their own personal lives. This somehow jeopardies their relationships.

The Sade Sati in Capricorn begins with Saturn transiting through Sagittarius sign. Then the transiting to Capricorn happens in the second phase. During the third phase, Saturn transits through Aquarius. Let us analyze the impact of these transits on the life of a native during the Sade sati of Capricorn:

First Phase

The first stretch of 2 ½ years begins when Saturn is in the twelfth house from the sign under question, Capricorn. Sagittarius happens to be that sign. Sagittarius is ruled by the Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter share a neutral relationship. Both these planets also have a penchant for justice and equitable behavior. Therefore, natives will be involved in an increased social work. There could also be a job switch that would be more towards serving to the society. Though the behavior will be too contributive to the society, the natives tend to feel too lonely at times. To connect these dots, natives get too indulged in spiritual endeavors.

Second Phase

This second phase initiates when Saturn transits through the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is Saturn’s own sign. Saturn might bestow natives with ownership of property or land during this period. The natives also get very career oriented around this time. Saturn would ensure that you work hard enough for your job and any entitlement that you get is well deserved. The natives also have a philanthropic flair. There is a polite and compassionate behavior. The natives develop career oriented goals and work hard towards achieving them. The only downside of this period is the maternal health concern. Also, getting too indulged in philanthropy can cause natives to ignore their core relationships.

Third Phase

The third phase begins when Saturn transits through the Aquarius. Aquarius is also Saturn’s own sign. During this period, the native’s are likely to earn some paternal heirloom in the form for some property. There could be sudden and unexpected benefits. The natives also get attracted towards mysterious sciences. They do well in the fields of research and earn accolades for their work. There are chances that the natives indulge in establishing a new business for themselves. The health would be good, and so will be the family life of the natives.


Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, will bring mostly positive results. The core values of Saturn will be seen throughout the phases of Sade Sati under Capricorn sign. The period begins with the first phase when Saturn transits through Jupiter. Jupiter, being an equally justice oriented planet, brings similar results. The natives are righteous, they are driven towards spirituality and this makes them garner some popularity. The second phase is the core phase when Saturn enters the Capricorn sign. During this phase, the natives are at their philanthropic best. They also focus on their career advancement. Saturn makes them work hard towards achieving their goals. The next phase begins when Saturn enters the Aquarius sign. During this phase, the health and family life goes well. There could also be gains and recognition in family and personal life. New beginnings are likely to be there. In all, it is a rather good Sade Sati as a lot of general good is conducted.

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