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Sade Sati for Pisces Moon Sign


Sade Sati initiates when Saturn enters the 12th sign from the native’s Moon sign. It comes to a culmination when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the native’s Moon sign. One single revolution of Saturn around all zodiacs takes around 30 years. Within these 30 years, Saturn stays in each zodiac for two and a half years. Let us have a look at the impact of Sadi Sati of Pisces on the natives.

Jupiter is the Lord of Pisces. Saturn and Jupiter are both flag bearers of self righteousness and spirituality. Therefore, inclination towards spirituality during this period is a given. The natives might feel too detached from the real world and would like to be alone, however not lonely. They would prefer exploring for the bigger good. They would be more driven towards spirituality, towards the hidden truths of how and what life is. While this phase would want the natives to go into recluse, but Saturn prefers the natives to see reality as it is.

The Sade Sati in Pisces begins with Saturn transiting through Aquarius sign. Then the transiting to Pisces happens in the second phase. During the third phase, Saturn transits through Aries. Let us analyze the impact of these transits on the life of a native during the Sade sati of Pisces:

First Phase

The first stretch of 2 ½ years begins when Saturn is in the twelfth house from the sign under question, Pisces. Aquarius happens to be that sign. Aquarius is Saturn’s own sign. There will be an inclination towards spirituality and the natives might even visit religious places. Managing the expenditure is important during this phase as it is very likely that natives would switch a few jobs to find the one that reflects their ‘true calling’. There could be many work related travels and natives need to pay attention towards their health. Relationships will not be the smoothest and sleep deprivation is also highly likely.

Second Phase

This second phase initiates when Saturn transits through the sign of Pisces. Pisces, being ruled by Jupiter, makes natives very interested and inclined towards the philosophies of religion and spirituality. There will be a lot of self righteousness and a lot of curiosity to know more about faiths and beliefs. This phase brings a lot of humility in the lives of the natives. They become too humble, too polite and too indulged in philanthropic works. As and when natives seek and attain the truth, wealth and success would also roll out like a red carpet. However, the natives need to pay attention towards their marital life. All the truth seeking can create a barrier in their love life.

Third Phase

The third phase begins when Saturn transits through the Aries sign. Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars and Saturn are enemy planets. The fire of Mars is exaggerated by the wind of Saturn. Therefore, during this period, mental distress will be witnessed by the natives. They would be prone to aggressions and misunderstandings. There is also a likelihood of getting caught up in vindictiveness and untrue allegations. Health issues are likely to persist, for the natives and for their mothers. There could be a loss by indulging in some unfruitful property matters. There will be an aggression and that is likely to affect other relationships of the natives as well.


Pisces, being ruled by Jupiter, will bring a mixed set of results during its Sade Sati. This period of Sade Sati is also divided into equal time span of two and half years for each phase. The first phase begins when Saturn transits through Aquarius. Aquarius is Saturn’s own sign and this period is filled with reaping benefits out of the philanthropic conduct of the natives. There is an increased interest in spirituality. The natives also feel too curious towards identifying their religion. They get in too much of a recluse. The second phase is the core phase of Saturn in Pisces sign. During this phase, the natives see an increased interest in spirituality and religion. There is humility in this phase. The third phase begins when Saturn transits through Mars. This period brings a lot of hot headedness and a maelstrom of conflicting emotions for the natives.

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